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Stainless Steel Cage

Stainless Steel Cage

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48 grams
304 Stainless steel tubing
Doesn't mark up your bottles
Made in the USA
Under downtube location
Tri-Athlete - behind seat

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Vecchio's (Boulder, US)
The Workhorse

The only thing better in the Universe is the Ti cage. But hey, $$ is $$, and this pretty much does it just as well.

Back Alley Bikes (Carrboro, US)
Utmost reliability and US-made!

These are the best, no-frills bottle cages I've ever stocked!

Koyote (Winfield, US)
Best traditional cage on the market, bar none

If you ride smooth roads and want a traditional look, this cage is perfect. Beautifully made, strong, light enough for all but the weeniest of weight weenies. (And for those people there's the ti version.) I've been running these on a couple of my bikes for many years with no issues.

If you ride rougher roads (or gravel, or MTB), think about the King Cage Iris -- same weight, same quality, and grips bottles a little more tightly.

Josh (Wynnewood, US)

These are good quality cages that look good too. I like that they are handmade in the US.

Eric Conrad (Englewood, US)
Exactly what the frame needed

Nothing surprising, here. I needed great bottle cages, and these are what I wanted. It’s a bonus that I can support long time cycling vendors, a small business, and Colorado-based to boot (Durango area).

I’ll pick up more every time I need cages.