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How do I select the correct USB size for my bike?

Clamp sizes are maximum diameter.
To find out what size USB you should order, follow these easy steps:

  • Take a string around the area you want to place the USB and measure the length of the string - This number is the circumference.
    • (Example: String is 5.5 inches long)
  • Once you have the length of the string (circumference), divide that number by 3.14 (pi)  - This number is the diameter.
    • (Example: 5.5 inches / 3.14 = 1.75)
  • Use the diameter to determine the correct size;
    • 1 1/8 USB = 1.125 maximum diameter / minimum diameter 0.75 inches
    • 1 3/8 USB= 1.375 maximum diameter
    • 1 5/8 USB = 1.625 maximum diameter
    • 2 USB = 2 maximum diameter
    • (Example: When the diameter is 1.75 order the 2in USB)

What size nuts are the USBs sold with?

They are metric M5x .8

What is the width of the metal straps of the Universal Support Bolt?

8mm or 5/16"

What do you recommend using them for?

These work for great attaching water bottle cages to areas on your bike that don’t already have support holes!

We don’t recommend using them to attach a rack to your bike.

Are the USBs sold in pairs or sold individually?

They are sold individually.

How should I mount them on my bike?

We suggest electrical tape or cloth rim strip to protect the frame or fork legs. Rubber inner tube will lead to clamp breakage. Tighten clamp after use.

Can the be used on a tapered fork? 

Please do not use on a tapered fork. If they loosen even slightly they will slide down and go into your wheel. 



What is standard for domestic shipping?  

Domestic shipping is a flat rate of $4, we ship via USPS First Class Package Service. Upgraded shipping is a flat rate of $8.75 and is via USPS Priority Mail. 

Domestic orders over $65 qualify for free USPS First Class Package shipping. 

More information on USPS ship time estimates can be found here

Where do you ship internationally? How long does it take?

We ship most locations in the world via DHL eCommerce. Shipping on international orders to all locations, shipping is calculated at check out.

International orders over $197 (3 titanium cages, or equivalent) qualify for free DHL eCommerce International shipping. Team up with a friend who needs a cage also! 

We process orders within 24 hours. Shipping takes approx. 2 - 8 business days

     How do taxes and duty fees for international orders get paid?

    For most countries duty and taxes are now collected when you check out. Meaning when the package arrives in your country you won't owe anything additional and it won't get stuck in customs! 

    Some counties will still require you pay those fees when the package arrives. If you don't pay taxes or duty fees at checkout, you may be expected to pay when the package arrives. 

    Do you ship on holidays or weekends? 

    We do not ship out on weekends or US federal holidays. If you place an order on one of these days, your order will ship out on the next business day at the earliest.

    I received an email stating that my order has been delivered, but I have not received it. What should I do next? 

    First, please track your package online to see the latest information. Second, check with your neighbor, receptionist desk or where your packages may have been dropped off at. Next, please contact the carrier (i.e. your local national post office) to inform them that you have not received the package. .

    I received a notification of failed delivery attempt of my order. What are the next steps? 

    In the case of failed attempt of delivery, please contact the carrier (i.e. your local national post office) and arrange for a re-delivery. They will be able to further assist you. Please note that many of them will automatically attempt another delivery the next business day. Please track the package online to see its progression.

    What should I do if I did not receive my order? 

    If you have not received your order after taking the above steps, please email us at sales@kingcage.com. For international customers, please check the tracking code provided to you via email to see if your package has been held at customs. You may need to pay custom fees or VAT imposed by your country on imported goods before the package can be delivered to you.


    Do you sell your titanium products anodized (colored)?

    We don’t personally, but we sell to another local Durango company that does! The company is Agave Finishworks, the website can be found here.

    What about the stainless steel cages finished in different colors?

    This is another item we don’t sell but have a local Durango company that does, Myth Cycle. These cages can be found online here.


    Can I buy the Iris Cage in Titanium?

    Yes! We do make the Iris Cage with a solid Titanium rod. Though isn't as light weight as our Standard Titanium Cages it's beautiful and highly functional. The tube titanium won’t do the required bend.

    What cages work best with a non-cycling bottle? 

    The Iris Cage (stainless steel or titanium) and the Flat Top Cages (Stainless Steel or Titanium). The width at the bottom of the bottle needs to be less then 3 inches. For larger bottles, the Manything Cage and the Mini Thing Cage are great! 

    Will my metal King Cage mark or scratch my painted bottle? 

    Yes. Since it is a tight fit, the cage will scratch the paint on metal bottles

    Do you want to return or exchange your item? 

    Please send us an email at sales@kingcage.com. We accept returns on all products in their original condition

    How much weight does the Many Things Cage hold?

    We have tested it with up to 2 liters of water weight. The amount of weight varies based on the type of riding you do. Small lightweight bike packing needs (i.e. sleeping pad or light weight tent) also work great! 

    Should I put a support bolt in all three Many Things straps?

    We do suggest having a support bolt in all three straps. This is how we tested the strength and it will ensure a long life of the product.

    What if my bike doesn’t have three holes to attach the Manything Cage?

    If you don’t have three holes, we advise using a USB as the third support.

    How do the Voile straps attach to my Manything Cage?

    Please enjoy the below video. 

    What bottles work best with each cage type?

      • Iris Cage (Stainless Steel & Titanium Rod): See full list and photos with product listing
      • Flat Top Cage (Stainless Steel & Titanium): See full list and photos with product listing 
      • Standard Cage (Stainless Steel & Titanium): Standard cycling bottle is best
      • Bottle Down Cage (Stainless Steel & Titanium): Standard cycling bottle is best, great when we have less room on your frame.
      • Manything Cage: Many different things! Nalgene, 40oz Klean Kanteen™, Growlers or small lightweight bike packing needs (i.e. sleeping pad or light weight tent)
      • Mini Thing Cage: Those things that are too big for the Iris or Flat Top cage but too small for a Manything Cage.

    Why can't I find the Bar Bell, Mud Flask Cage, or KARGO Cage online? 

    We apologize but at this time those items have been discontinued.